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We need your ideas for Common European Pirate Programme 2024!

Dear Pirates,

we are preparing for the European election 2024 and we need your help! We need your help with preparation of our new Common European Election Programme (CEEP). We need your participation, we need your inputs and we need you to describe you ideas, so we can deliver solutions for your problems.

CEEP 2024 shall be built on CEEP 2019, further expanding and updating the existing text. Therefore we will start from the existing text https://european-pirateparty.eu/programme/ and use the existing structure. Each of the existing chapters, including the Preamble, will be developed by one working group. Each of the working groups will be cordinated by one coordinator, who will be responsible for finding the resolutions for the disputes, finding the compromises and finalizing the text further ratified by Pirate parties across Europe.

Should you want to participate or should you want to coordinate our efforts, please, provide us with your contact details, so European Pirate Party Board can contact you and involve you into the preparations!

Do not forget to share this questionnaire with your friends and colleagues. We need the best Pirate brains across Europe to be involved in our preparations.



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